There is no better way to show off that you are the best Dad than with this unique beer chiller. I personally think that I am the world’s coolest Dad and apparently so do my kids even if I embarrass them every day as my pre-teen daughter tells me every … single … day.

I love that the chillers are engraved with “World’s Coolest Dad” as you can then easily show someone your status of being such. This is sure to give you instant street cred with Moms and Dads alike. Another pro of the chiller being engraved as that you can easily tell someone to get their grubby hands off of your beer as they are clearly not the world’s coolest Dad.

Being the World’s Coolest Dad comes with perks such as having a nice ice cold beer which can easily be achieved in under an hour with these great chillers. I absolutely love my chillers and do not know what I would do without them as they allow me to show off my official title of World’s Coolest Dad AND enjoy a nice ice cold adult beverage within an hour.

I can also say that the chillers are very sturdy! I have accidentally dropped both of my chillers on multiple occasions and they are both still going strong with no cracks or signs of average wear and tear. I received these chillers on Father’s Day from my three kids and can honestly say I have thoroughly enjoyed the chillers and that they have been my favorite Father’s Day gift to this very day.

Price: 24.95
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