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The Stanley Cup Beer Stein You Never Knew You Needed

When I first saw this mug, all I could think of was the boot mug from Beerfest, a really funny movie about competitive beer drinking that I had watched with my dad. Then I thought of my best friend. The girl who parades around in her New Jersey Devils hockey jersey to...

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The Hofbrauhaus Beer Stein

Ladies and gents, may we present to you, our review for the Hofbrauhaus 1 liter beer stein. Yes, friends, no more will you have to labor and sweat tediously as you sip a cold fresh one from an ice-cold can, or chilled, frosty bottle, all for free. Now, you can just...

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Worlds Coolest Dad Beer Chiller Sticks

There is no better way to show off that you are the best Dad than with this unique beer chiller. I personally think that I am the world's coolest Dad and apparently so do my kids even if I embarrass them every day as my pre-teen daughter tells me every ... single ......

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Unbreakable Beer Glasses

If you enjoy an occasional drink you are sure to know how easy it is to make a disaster out of your house. I personally have a habit of breaking glasses due to general clumsiness and having a little something to drink. I am the clumsiest person on the face of the...

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Beer Bottle Opener Made From A Real Hockey Puck

This hockey puck bottle opener is a pretty pucking fun gift. Talk about a total conversation starter to have on your bar or sitting out where you watch your favorite sports that's also highly useful. I'm thinking it's actually too cool to put away when hockey season...

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Ice Sphere Molds of Awesomeness

I have loved these little ice balls of pure awesome since the day I received them. They are so very amazing and I consider them an absolute essential anytime I get a craving for an alcoholic beverage or just drinking a soda. I can not stress to you how amazing I think...

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BottleKeeper Beer Bottle Chiller

For beer lovers, there is nothing as refreshing as a cold beer. Whether you are having a good day or a bad day, a cold beer is always welcome. With a bottle keeper, you can have a cold beer no matter where you are or how hot or cold the weather is. Even if you are on...

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AleHorn GoT “Hand of The King” Bottle Opener

So you’ve had a tough day at work, your work is taking a toll on your personal life, your partner is too busy to talk to you and you come back home looking forward to the next episode of Game of Thrones as that is the only thing that loves you back as much as you love...

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