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The Stanley Cup Beer Stein You Never Knew You Needed - BeerRevolt!
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When I first saw this mug, all I could think of was the boot mug from Beerfest, a really funny movie about competitive beer drinking that I had watched with my dad. Then I thought of my best friend. The girl who parades around in her New Jersey Devils hockey jersey to the utter frustration of her dad, who has a burning hatred for her favorite team. Quickly realizing I had too many reasons to buy this cup, I bought several. And the looks from the people I gave them to were utterly priceless. As were their attempts at drinking from them.

With the ability to hold 25 ounces (or two cans of beer), proportions of 8.50″ x 4.25″ x 5.75″ when you include the handle, the ability to be cleaned in the dishwasher, and with being made from acrylic to be difficult to break, this may be one of the best beer steins to own. Except for the awesome design that makes it difficult to drink from. I mean, it is made to look like the Stanley Cup. Of course there is going to be some downside somewhere when it comes to it, but for drinkability to be the only thing wrong with it, it’s still pretty awesome.

My dad usually drinks four beers, during a game, sometimes more depending on who is winning. This glass holds enough to last him a pretty long time, and the glass forces him to drink slower so he won’t spill everything over himself. You might think this is a bad thing, but considering the more he drinks, the louder he gets, I’m gonna consider it a good thing. My friend and her dad had a ball when they first used the mugs. First they tried to find a good way to pour their beverages in without overloading the glasses, then they tried to find a good way to drink their beverages without getting wet. As a wise beer drinker, her dad thought that it would be wise to make sure the foam reached the top of the glass. He failed miserably. She, on the other hand, as a novice beer drinker, decided that leaving the bowl-like top empty would be a good idea, and was able to sip out her beverage in a dainty manner. At this point, I wished I had bought enough to make it some sort of competition.

With the design, I was worried about hand washing the beer stein, because I didn’t think anyone would have something practical to use to clean it. Thankfully, it is able to be washed in the dishwasher. Amazon said to wash it on the top rack, and no one has dared to try to defy their ruling. Mostly because they didn’t want to wreck the gift I got them, and partly because they haven’t used it very much. Yeah, it’s more like a really cool decoration once Hockey season is over.

And, being a nifty decoration means knowing where to place it so that animals don’t knock it over and break it. Cats are jerks, and they like to climb over everything, their tails usually knocking things over as if it has a mind of its own. Thankfully, due to the mugs not being made of glass, they have been able to take a few falls without any serious damage coming to them. Almost like cellphones used to be sturdy back in the day, these mugs can handle themselves when dropped.

In conclusion, this beer stein is a fun memory maker. Something to bring out for a special occasion and have a laugh over when someone tries to chug from it when it’s completely full. If I ever decide to make my own version of Beerfest, I will make sure to include this mug as a mandatory glass to drink from in order to win. It’s amazing!

Price: 29.95
Available at Amazon


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