Say goodbye to lame gift cards…there’s a new one-size-fits-all gift in town!

The beer greeting card is sentimental enough for any lady friends or sensitive men, but the beer makes it actually something anyone will want. With designs for any occasion, you can give beer for every occasion and it looks like a new gift every time. Say thanks, happy birthday, happy holidays, and more.

Is the beer included? Well … no. BUT – this means you can fill the 6 pack box with any beer your choose!

Give your loved ones a hand picked mix of their favorite craft beers. Or give your frenemy all the beers you don’t like from a mixed case. You can even throw together a mix of whatever is leftover in your fridge in a pinch. You can even load it up with other drinks – wine coolers, hard lemonades, those little tiny bottles of champagne, or whatever else you can make fit.

You and the recipient of your gift will love the Six-Pack Greeting Card Box. It’s the perfect way to make it look like you put thought and effort into an easy gift. Not to mention, you might be able to convince your buddy to share with you. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Price: 15.95
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