I have loved these little ice balls of pure awesome since the day I received them. They are so very amazing and I consider them an absolute essential anytime I get a craving for an alcoholic beverage or just drinking a soda. I can not stress to you how amazing I think these ice molds are – They’re so freaking cool! But before you think I’m bullshitting here, let me start telling just WHY they’re so cool.

These ice “cubes” aren’t cubes at all. (In fact why do we call them cubes in the first place? Hardly any of them are actually cubes; no they’re half moon shapes or chunks or chips. Anyway…)

You get two molds that make 1 ice cube ball each.

Both my ice and myself look classy and anyone who knows me knows that I am not the classiest when I have had a few drinks and start getting clumsier by the minute. Another great thing about the molds as they allow for your ice to be frozen within 30 minutes compared to at least an hour when using a regular ice tray. (Pro tip: use hot water when making ice – it’ll actually freeze more quickly. It’s some kinda voodoo science thing we learned from Bill Nye.)

The ice that is made from these molds is equally as awesome as the molds themselves! It seems too good to be true, but the ice cools your drink instantly and slowly melts over a very long period of time. Another cool science fact is that a bigger chunk of ice melts less quickly than several small chunks that all comprise the same size. (This seems to make sense: there’s more total surface area to “eat away” at the ice).

Here’s the really inexplicable thing that is hard to relate… it’s just so much cooler having an ice sphere to twirl around in your glass. It feels classy and amazing. It might make you want to drink more whiskey straight up, so you’ve been warned.

These ice molds are sure to improve your life for the better! I have even bought several sets of these molds to give to other family members that enjoy drinking. They’re a really nice, cheap little gift that can be used time and time again. And every time your loved one makes a drink with your ice spheres, they think of you!

My father was the biggest fan saying that this was the best beer related invention since he was at least twenty. Let me tell you, my father was in his twenties a long time ago and tons of products have been invented since the old geezer found this product and he loves it just as much as I do!

So yeah, we’re not kidding around when we say just how handy these ice sphere molds are.

Price: 12.99
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