Ladies and gents, may we present to you, our review for the Hofbrauhaus 1 liter beer stein. Yes, friends, no more will you have to labor and sweat tediously as you sip a cold fresh one from an ice-cold can, or chilled, frosty bottle, all for free. Now, you can just lay some bucks on the table, and buy this little, dimpled glass beauty.

I know what you’re thinking, and you are wrong. Actually I don’t know what the heck you’re thinking but hey, it sounds good. Such a lovely and beautifully designed stein will be sure to make your brew taste as if it’s ambrosia of the gods, and beer farts so sweet, almost as if moistened by the dawn of a new day.

Benefits of the Hofbrauhaus Beer Stein Include Facilitating the Ease of Shopping for Ladies

Prying that credit card out of your hubby’s hand getting a little too tough to do these days? Fear not, this classically designed, authentic, 1 liter Hofbrauhaus beer stein has come to your aide. Leaving him alone in the house all weekend with a couple of these steins and a keg or two, will be sure to keep him out of your hair, and sprawled flat on the floor for hours. Just the thing for those special sales at the mall, or when it’s Dollar Day on the Home Shopping Network.

Ladies, are you sick and tired of having to drag your man with you on shopping sprees? Well, no worries, purchasing him one or two of these beer steins will have him acting like a cooler, because just fill him with a load of Coors before you leave the house, and you can tote him anywhere. Not only that, but leaving him alone in the house all weekend with a couple of these steins and a keg or two, will enhance your shopping pleasure, as he will be sitting, glassy-eyed, bent over, and drizzling Cheeto-stained drool upon his remote, all while watching the ‘Big Game’ – his wallet left wide open for your shopping convenience. Why, you might even have some time left over to call the plumber for some much needed work on those pipes.

Hofbrauhaus Beer Stein Product Description

Holds one Liter. Glass. That’s about it.

The Hofbrauhaus Beer Stein is the up and coming fashion statement for the bar-fly crowd. When you drink beer from a Hofbrauhaus beer stein, you’re ‘keeping it real’, you know what’s going on, you’ve got it happening, you have it all figured out, you’re full of confidence, you’ve got it hanging. Why? Because you’re drinking beer from a mug that has a sticker on it.

Now, about its design. Sure, you could buy one of those more colorful, elaborately designed beer steins as a gift, but why? Hey, we are charging you on the cheap for this, I mean look at it this way, what good is a gorgeously designed, ceramic beer stein gonna look like to you after you’ve passed out next to the toilet? I dunno. Buy this one, at least if it spills and breaks, if stepping on shards of broken glass doesn’t rile you out of your drunken stupor, you’ll at least be easy to locate by your loved ones, as they follow your blood stained foot prints to find you out back, behind the tool shed, making vigorous and robust love to a rake.

Our Final Take

All seriousness aside, this is one bad – (shut your mouth) – hey man I’m just talking about the Hofbrauhaus beer stein! If you dig the Hofbrauhaus, this mug is the real deal and will make you feel (slightly) as if you are there. You can’t QUITE replicate the feeling of being there, but you could fire up Pandora with some Oktoberfest music, call your rowdiest 20 friends over and swing arm in arm singing along to those traditional German songs.

It really is the next best thing to being there and we highly suggest checking out this awesome beer stein!

Price: 18.99
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