During the first world war, various generals would drink from their boots to commemorate the winning of a battle and to inspire loyalty. Nowadays, the same inspiration has been used to create an excellent beer glass design that is known as Das Boot. The unique design makes it perfect for enjoying beer, and you may also use it kick your drinking partners around when enjoying your time out. You also want to make a good impression on your drinking buddies when you show up with a unique beer glass.


Das Boot Beer Glass holds 2 liters of beer
The Das Boot Beer Glass can hold well over 2 liters of beer such to make it an excellent addition to your drinking regime. 2 liters of beer is enough to get you started with your time out with friends. It’s important to note that the superior design is inspired by the famous movie known as Beer Fest.

Crafted using hand-blown glass

Besides that, this glass is made using superior quality glass that is not only appealing but will provide long lasting performance results for your drinking needs. This beer glass is the perfect for beer enthusiasts and Oktoberfest celebrations. Moreso, the superior design construction makes it simple to hold even when after enjoying several liters of beer.

Final Verdict

Given all these points, when it comes to enjoying your beer, it’s important to choose the appropriate beer glass for your needs. Therefore, a good place to start would be to start with uniquely shaped Das Boot beer glass. This glass has a superior design and its perfect for bullying your drinking friends when your are out.

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