For beer lovers, there is nothing as refreshing as a cold beer. Whether you are having a good day or a bad day, a cold beer is always welcome. With a bottle keeper, you can have a cold beer no matter where you are or how hot or cold the weather is.

Even if you are on the beach, tailgating, taking a road trip, Or maybe you are stranded on the road to nowhere, as long as you have the Bottle Keepers the Stainless Steel Beer Bottle Holder and Insulator, you are guaranteed a cold drink no matter where you are. Just put your cold beer in the insulator, carry it along with you, and you are guaranteed a cold drink no matter where you find yourself during the course of the day.

Apart from keeping your beer cold, this bottle keeper is actually a handy utensil. It has the ability to withstand serious impact. Say for instance the bottle happens to slip out of your hands – maybe you have had a few drinks and are tipsy. The bottle holder will protect it enough not to break, and in a case where the impact is a serious one, even if it breaks, all the pieces of glass will be contained in the bottle holder and you do not have to worry about getting hurt by the pieces of broken glass. This bottle keeper will fit typical sized bottles like Sam Adams, Bud Light, and Corona.

The best thing about this bottle keeper is, you can have a cold drink anywhere and no one will judge you because no one will know what you are drinking!

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