I saw it last year at the concert with my own eyes. I watched as your friend took a perfectly good bottle of beer, poured it into a cup, and added ice. If they made a movie about that day, I would be running towards him in slow motion while he willingly watered down his beer in a desperate attempt for something cold to drink. This year, I was prepared with beer chiller sticks, a product made by Let It Beer. Take heed, the next two minutes are going to change your life – the beer-drinking part at least.

So you probably want to know what in the world are beer chiller sticks? Simple. They are the key to all my friendships. Beer chiller sticks are cylindrical bars which are made so they easily hold cold temperatures over long periods of time. Are you seeing the possibility here?

Beer chiller sticks are metal bars with a cap on top that you can put into your freezer until they get ice cold. You crack open a bottle of beer and then shove the beer chiller stick into your beer. The result is icy cold beer without watching your friends embarrass themselves by pouring beer into a cup of ice or trying to freeze the bottle.

Now, you may be wondering: won’t I have to stand there with an open beer? Nope, they covered that. The beer chiller sticks come with a cap on them that will fit over the opening in your bottle so you can let your beer chill without worrying about bugs, dust, or anything else getting into your beer. The seal is firm; I have started mowing the lawn while letting my beer chill and came back to it later when it was the perfect temperature.

Okay, let’s take a look at the upsides and the downsides that I found real quick. Upsides: ice cold beer, no social embarrassment, and a tool that can be wiped down in two seconds and be re-used. Downsides: coming up empty over here.

The beer chiller sticks are great. I got mine as a gift and I wondered what I was looking at. When my friend explained it to me I felt amazed that nobody had thought this up before.

It was almost as if the people at Let It Beer are just a bunch of beer drinking buds that came up with a really good idea after drinking a few. I am not accusing them of being mad, drunken engineers – but it really worked.

The point is that you can give these beer chiller sticks (they come in a pair so you have another icy beer on standby) to a friend and they make the best gift. The set also comes with a pretty good bottle opener. Essentially, you order the beer chiller sticks and pick up a six-pack to head over and celebrate with your friend. You can even offer to show them how they work and get a free drink out of it.

Overall, I give these bad boys five stars out of five stars. It is hard to have a new idea when it comes to beer, but these guys and gals did it.

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