So you’ve had a tough day at work, your work is taking a toll on your personal life, your partner is too busy to talk to you and you come back home looking forward to the next episode of Game of Thrones as that is the only thing that loves you back as much as you love it.

Sounds wonderful, right?! But, wait a minute, we have a problem, Houston… and what is that? There is still some time for the next season to air. So the only thing you were looking forward to has also decided to ditch you. Don’t worry, if you’ve been missing your favourite television show for sometime now, we have some really good news for you!

It’s not that we can help you take a peek into the next season (trust us, we would have if we could have), but we can help you feel that you’re in those medieval times where “winter is coming” and you just want to enjoy your beer! Don’t believe us? Just try the AleHorn Hand of the King and King of Thrones inspired bottle opener and you’ll know what we mean.

Stylishly designed and surprisingly functional, this beer opener can open any bottle of beer, ale or other beverages that you have and makes an exclusive addition to your enviable barware collection. It is uniquely inspired from the show and has a durable gold finish that will last, thus ensuring, that this medieval piece retains it’s antique look. It also helps you spot some true GoT fans at a party and start a new brotherhood on the spot. After all, what could be better than bumping into someone at a party, who’s a stranger at first, but that mutual love for that dagger shaped bottle opener makes your bond stronger than blood.

If you’re a die hard fan of this legendary show and love your beer, or even if you know someone with these traits, this is the best gift that you could give yourself or to them. They will love you like never before. In fact, even if your friend is not a true GoT fan, you’ve got nothing to worry about, this bottle opener can hold its own fort and stand apart looking sleek and stylish no matter where it is. It is an eye-catcher and we know that because it has surely caught yours. After all, you’re reading this, aren’t you?

So now that you’ve read about how amazing this beer opener is, listen to the GoT lover in you who is commanding you to buy it right now, and obey that voice. It’s your gut feeling that knows how amazing this thing is. So if you love this show, love your beer and still don’t buy this, then you’re the Jon Snow of the real world. “You know nothing!”

Price: 14.99
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